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Buganda eyes transformation through partnerships
Buganda Kingdom, through its investment arm Buganda Investments and Commercial Undertakings Limited, has unveiled a platform to transform its communities through development partnerships.The platform dubbed “Partnering for Community Transformation” was launched at a symposium held in Kampala. Speaking at the function, Buganda premier Charles Peter Mayiga said the kingdom is aiming at achieving economic transformation that is people centered.“The Kingdom of Buganda is totally focused and committed to achieving economic transformation aimed at uplifting the standards of living for the people of Buganda and Uganda at large,” Mr Mayiga said.“The Kingdom is eying holistic growth by setting in motion a healthy population, ensure sustainable household food supply, boost education and encourage community development,” he said, adding that all these aspects are well articulated in the Buganda Kingdom Development Strategic Plan locally known as Pulaani Nnamutayiika. Read more
BLB: Buganda stops districts from managing Kabaka’s land
Buganda Land Board (BLB), the company taking care of all the Kabaka’s land in the kingdom, has warned occupants of Kabaka’s land against doing any land transactions with district land boards before consulting them.Speaking in an interview in Kampala, Mr Denis Buyaga, the legal manager Buganda Land Board, said all land transactions pertaining to Kabaka’s land which was formerly vested in the district land boards, should be chanelled through the BLB because it is the new landlord since the return of properties belonging to the kingdom. “All the new land titles and land leases that were issued by districts which used to administer Kabaka’s land before it was returned to the kingdom are null and void because ownership has changed,” he said.He said the properties in question include all those which belonged to Buganda before former president Milton Obote abolished kingdoms and were put under government custody but were returned to the kingdom. Read more
Buganda, Chinese company sign MoU to develop housing units
Buganda Kingdom has signed a memorandum of understanding with Henan Guoji Industry Group Limited, a Chinese company, to develop a mid-low income real estate.Through its investment holding company, Buganda Investments and Commercial Undertakings Limited (BICUL) and Henan Guoji partnership, the Kingdom wants to see the country’s housing deficit reduce.In an interview with the Daily Monitor, BICUL chief executive officer Roland Sebuwufu said: “There is still high demand for housing in the mid –low income bracket especially in the Central Business Districts, but the uptake was slow because of the high costs of the finished products yet the lending rate on mortgages is still high.”He added that the kingdom wants to partner with serious investors to provide solutions that would benefit not only the Buganda, but also contribute to the economic development of the country. Read more
Buganda considers allocating Kigo prisons land to manufactures
Buganda Kingdom is considering allocating Kigo prisons land to Uganda Manufacturing Association (UMA) for an industrial park, the Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga has said. “The industrial sector is crucial for job creation. Buganda has enough land, in this case Kigo prison land would be suitable for an industrial park, but we will have to discuss further,” Mayiga said.The katikiro was responding to a request from manufacturers for more land to increase production for the growing demand of Ugandan commodities both local and regional market.Mayiga said that once more industries are set up in Uganda; more jobs will be created for majority of the youth who are unemployed.He made the remarks while receiving a check worth sh50m from the Uganda Manufacturer’s Association (UMA) towards the reconstruction of Kasubi tombs that were torched four years ago.UMA chairman, Amos Nzeyi, said that there is a growing demand for Ugandan commodities from neighboring countries hence the need for more land for manufacturing. Read more
                  MPs Raise Shs150m For Kasubi Tombs Restoration
The Parliamentary Community has contributed Shs153 million in a fundraising drive towards the restoration of Kasubi Royal Tombs.The tombs, a site of the burial grounds for four kings of Buganda, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site were destroyed by a fire in March 2010.The fundraising drive under the “Kasubi masiro Ggwanga Mujje” initiative was conducted by Buganda Premier Charles Peter Mayiga during a visit to Parliament.He was hosted by the Speaker of Parliament in conjunction with the Buganda Parliamentary Caucus.Read more

Buganda eyes strategic business partnerships
Buganda Kingdom has embarked on a move that will see it reap billions of shillings from companies that are keen to benefit from the customer loyalty and the good will that the Kingdom’s initiatives have to offer.Although the kingdom’s technical personnel are still working out the modalities, negotiations with various firms, among them beverage and brewery companies, are already taking shape. Read more

Buganda’s future lies in its rich past
Former British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, in his 1908 book; My African Journey, documented his experiences about his 1907 travels through East Africa and the Sudan, thus; “Uganda is a wonderful new world. The scenery is different; the vegetation is different, the climate is different, and most of all, the people are different from anywhere to be seen in the whole range of Africa… Uganda is a fairy tale…Uganda is a Pearl.” Although he used the term “Uganda”, Churchill was actually referring to Buganda. It is Buganda, whose industrious people, dating more than 600 years back, had established themselves as a civilised, innovative, and productive kingdom. Read more

The Buganda Bank
Katikkiro Rng J B Walusimbi remarked that many people have been asking for a Buganda Bank. To help people in Buganda save their money and as well give out loans to business, Katikkiro assured that he is personally spearheading the project