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PTA Bank

PTA Bank, Uganda traders sign financial deal
Cut-throat competition among foreign lenders to finance trade and projects in Uganda has compelled regional development lender, PTA Bank, to forge closer relationships with local business associations to protect its market share. After years of remote presence in Uganda that has seen the lender execute local transactions from Nairobi, PTA Bank has entered into an alliance with the Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Uncci). Read more

PTA Bank aspires for more business in Uganda
The Preferential Trade Area Bank (PTA), also known as the Eastern & Southern African Trade & Development Bank, held a Bank Business Seminar at Sheraton Hotel in Kampala. The event was organized in conjunction with the Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UNCCI) to share information on the opportunities provided by the bank with its members.   PTA “can do better than the commercial banks,” said Olive Kigongo, President of the UNCCI (right photo) "because they offer business people better rates in comparison"  
“We are a quiet bank” said Admassu Tadesse, the President and CEO of the bank (left photo), but “it’s time we made some noise,” he added.  Read more 

The Preferential Trade Area Bank (PTA)
 Eastern & Southern African Trade & Development Bank