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The Dr. Ahmad family is one of the oldest families (90 years) here in Uganda who were asked by Amin to remain on the basis of “services rendered to the country”. While the core family contribution to Uganda has been in the medical field with the Dr. M. Ahmad, Entebbe Road Clinic being there over 60 years in practice and at least 3 generations having passed through it as their family practice. The clinic at one point was the only medical care facility open during the various coup d’etats and at a time when hospitals had collapsed and good doctors has fled the country. Patient care was at a standstill in even emergency cases. It has saved lives, served embassies and multinationals but with the integral philosophy of “universal quality care that is independent of race, creed and color”.

Dr. Ahmad & Associates are open to looking at an expansion of formal medical care and service with partners because as Uganda develops, with the emergent middle class and those coming to work here want to be catered to on the same international standards and with the new medical technologies available. So that is an avenue of interest.
Our other umbrella company AeroGlas Ltd, as a group is already involved in diverse business interests. AeroGlas Ltd., itself has been involved in the automotive paints and services for several years. Since there remains in Uganda (we find), a dire lack of “quality” products and excellence in services, the company deals with SIKKENS in Holland and partners with Maclarens Formula 1 for automotive paints, with the idea of promoting high end materials for vehicles, and,  clients who deal with Mercedes, BMW, Range Rovers etc. and who wish to maintain and retain the original finish.
Another sphere to the group is AeroGlas Ltd Consultancy Services. We have a branch to assist those in the UK and elsewhere, including the diaspora, considering Uganda as a potential investment arena but cannot get reliable and constructive information or back up support, hence we are able to do the due diligence, cross check and facilitate as per client needs. The scope is quite wide, ranging from publication and publicity, real estate, agriculture, tourism and resource procurement and aviation also. We are hoping with the current trend towards regional integration to be able to facilitate in new ways to conjoin specific services to locations.
Yet another interest area that comes within the AeroGlas Ltd. Group  are  Stryker Security Services including risk management which is performed on an individual needs and tailored accordingly but with absolute discretion and reliability.