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Century Bottling Company Limited

Century Bottling Company Limited
Tel: 0312-236500

Location: Jinja Road Mitala Maria, P.O.Box 3990, Kampala, Uganda

CBC: Carbonated drinks posted no growth for two years
Slow economic recovery from the 2011 economic challenges and price increases have restrained growth in the carbonated beverages, an industry player has said.Justifying Century Bottling Company’s recent price cuts, Mr Norton Kingwill, the firm’s managing director, told the Daily Monitor that the growth of carbonated beverages has been flat over the last two years, necessitating price cuts to boost consumption.Although it had been noted that stiff competition is forcing players to reduce prices to appeal to consumers, Mr Kingwill ruled out competition in the recent price cuts, saying the move was meant to drive up the per capita consumption of sodas in Uganda, which currently stands at about 30 per cent, the lowest in the region. Read more

Century Bottling, Riham : Consumers set to benefit from soft drinks price wars
Consumers will enjoy carbonated soft drinks at lower prices as players slash prices to appeal to customers and guard their market share.Century Bottling Company, the manufacturer of Coca Cola products, is the latest with the offer of its 350ml plastic bottled sodas at the same price with Riham’s 320 ml bottles.The fierce competition in the industry set in early this year, following the entrance of three new players, including Riham, Azam and Fizzy soda brands, a scenario that has seen the former duopoly Century Bottling Company and Crown Beverages, the manufacturer of Pepsi Cola, shade off a considerable market share. Read more