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Crown Beverages Limited

Crown Beverages Limited
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Postal Address: P. O. Box 7166, Kampala, Uganda

Crown Beverages Limited slashes soda prices again
Crown Beverages Limited (CBL), a leading soft drinks bottler in Uganda, has reduced its retail price for the 330ml pack size by Shs200 from Shs 1,200 to Shs1, 000, in an effort to make their products more affordable for their customers.According to Jeff Sekandi, CBL’s Head of Marketing, this move is intended to ensure CBL customers continue enjoying the company’s quality brands including; Mirinda, Mountain Dew, Pepsi Cola, amidst increasing cost of living.“We understand the need for our clients to consume our products, but we also understand the macro factors affecting the economy. The cost of living is high and yet the expenditure is constant if not increasing. So, in putting those considerations together we have decided to cut down on the soda prices to help our clients enjoy our products,” said Sekandi.“We did the same in May for the 500ml, we cut the prices from shs1700 to shs1500. We have decided to do it for the 330ml as well. It is also worth noting that these price cuts are for a promotional period only.” Sekandi added. Read more
Crown Beverages Unveils Pocket-size Bottle
Crown Beverages Limited, the holder of the Pepsi franchise in Uganda, has introduced a new pocket-size bottle for soda consumers.“Crown Beverages is pleased to respond to its consumers’ needs by providing them with yet another way to enjoy its world-class sodas in a new and affordable on-the-go pack. This demonstrates why our sodas continue to be the most preferred beverages not only in Uganda but also in East Africa,” said Mr Innocent Tibayeita, the head of marketing at Crown Beverages. “Our 330ml bottles offer consumers a handy, pocket-size Mirinda or Mountain Dew to refresh themselves at great value. The new packs will sit alongside our current PET portfolio including; the 500ml, 1 Litre and 2 Litre packs. This is to ensure that those consumers who prefer our other bottle sizes are still able to choose their preferred refreshment option at any given time,” Mr Tibayeita added. He said the introduction of the new pack size followed research that found people wanted another option alongside the current PET bottle sizes. “Research has shown that soda consumers not only wanted more choice, but clearly had a desire for a pack that will be convenient for them as they go about with their day-to-day business,” he said. Read more
CBR: Women Urged to Prepare for Business Opportunities
Women have been urged to prepare themselves for business opportunities by getting market information to compete for the same jobs with men.According to a leading entrepreneur, in a country where the formal workplace retains a largely male face, women must understand what 51 per cent of the population requires for business."Plan for it, get skills and use opportunities to start businesses in the private sector," said Maggie Kigozi, a former executive director of Uganda Investment Authority, recently.Kigozi was speaking at an MTN-sponsored event on how to promote businesses owned by women. A director in Crown Beverages Limited, Kigozi advised women to always start businesses that they are passionate about. Several women shared experiences on how they had managed to succeed in life. Read more