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Hima Cement Limited

Hima Cement Limited
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Location: Center Court 4, Ternan Avenue, Kampala, Uganda
Postal Address: P.O Box 7230, Kampala, Uganda

Hima Cement: Weak shilling pushes up cement prices
The weak shilling has led to an increase in the prices of cement, according to dealers. Available data indicates that factory prices have risen from Shs28,100 to Shs29,100 for every 50-kilogramme bag. 
The increase, according to dealers, is a result of the weak shilling which has led to the increase of in puts most of which are imported. Retail prices across Kampala stand at between Shs29,500 and Shs30,000 up from Shs28, 500.Mr Patrick Mugenyi, the Hima Cement commercial manager, said: “The price has been driven by depreciation of the shillings against the dollar. We have to factor in expenses that we are incurring to import some inputs.”He said they have had to increase their expenditure by more than 3 per cent to produce a 50-kilogramme bag of cement.The prices, he said would increase further if the current volatility exhibited by the shilling continues. Mr Simon Ssekankya, the Hardware World managing director, one of the country’s biggest cement dealer said the increase in prices was not good for business. Read more
Hima to transport cement to sites
It is now possible to have unpackaged cement delivered at your premises courtesy of Hima Cement Limited.According to Hima, this type of service will reduce on counterfeited cement and cut down on the buyer's transportation costs. Daniel Pettersson, the country manager of Hima Cement Uganda, said this way of selling cement was being used in other developed markets."We are evolving from being a producer of cement only, to a partner for solutions," he said, during the launch of the product at Kyadondo rugby grounds recently.He said each truck has a capacity to transport 28 tonnes to 32 tonnes of cement. Hima has a production capacity of 850,000 tonnes of cement. Read more
Hima Cement eyes major infrastructure projects
Hima Cement has opened a new line of business that will be supplying large quantity of cement to big industry players involved in the construction sector. Although this is not an attempt to get rid of the 50-kilogramme quantity of cement on the market, the focus, according to Hima senior managers is to lay ground for huge infrastructural projects, most of which have been budgeted for in the Shs2.6 trillion budget of the Ministry of Works and Transport. Speaking during the launch of the specialised trucks that will be ferrying the cement in bulk to the different sites, the Hima Cement country chief executive officer, Mr Daniel Pettersson, said the local market prospects are exciting and something worth to cheer up for.He said: “Projects such as Karuma and Isimba dams, the oil refinery, the construction of the pipeline and the railway will all drive growth, and as local players in the sector, we have to be prepared to take the opportunity.” Read more
Hima to trap cement dust at Kasese plant
Hima Cement installed a $3.2m (sh8b) bag filter technology to trap cement dust at Kasese plant after public outcry that the company was polluting the air. The dust would escape because an electronic precipitator broke down as a result of power fluctuations. Daniel Pettersson, the Hima Cement general manager said at a media breakfast at the Serena Hotel that the new dust filter was installed and a tour of the facilities was organised to area residents. Hima cement produces up to 830,000 metric tonnes of cement annually after a $108m (sh270b) upgrade in the year. Before, the firm produced 350,000 metric tonnes. Read more
Cement prices set to increase
Despite increased production of cement, some of which was meant for the troubled South Sudan market, industry players say they forecast increase in the prices of the key building material. Manufacturers claim that the lower the prices of a commodity like cement, the more the consumers hold back on consumption. For that, they say they will not mind if the retail prices for a 50kg bag of cement stabilise at Shs30,000, trading at between Shs26,500, 000 to Shs28,000 or slightly more.A 50kg bag of cement was retailing at between Shs30,000 - Shs33,000 in several stores around the country, before dropping by a difference of about Shs6,000. Read more