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Kakira Sugar ltd

Kakira Sugar ltd
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Location:  Kakira Estate, Jinja, Uganda
Postal  Address: PO Box 121, Jinja, Uganda.

Kakira Sugar Works: Sugar price drops as Shilling continues to appreciate
Ugandans are beginning to benefit from the value of the appreciating Shilling after a drop in sugar prices.A survey across the market indicates a 15-20 per cent drop in the prices of sugar at the factory level.In an interview with Daily Monitor, the country’s biggest sugar producer Kakira Sugar Works’ corporate marketing manager, Mr Raju Sareen, confirmed the drop in the prices saying: “Consumers should be happy about this news.”Mr Sareen said at Kakira, the price of each 50-kilogramme bag of sugar now costs Shs130,000 down from Shs140,000 it traded earlier in the year. He attributes the price change to several reasons. He said one of the reasons for the drop in sugar prices is the fuel prices which have also gone down to about Shs3,100 per litre of petrol and Shs2,350 for diesel. “This means the cost of transport has also gone down which has helped us to sell sugar at lower prices,” Sareen explained. Read more
MD Mayur Madhvani:  Sugar export plans hit snag as Kakira registers shortfall
 Plans to export sugar to the Kenyan market have hit a snag following a production shortfall by Kakira Sugar Works.During his visit to Uganda, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Ugandan counterpart Museveni struck a deal under which Ugandan made sugar would be exported to Kenya.The deal drew immediate criticism from the opposition in Kenya, which argued that it would kill the sugar industry and hit the economy hard.However, it now appears that the deal will be affected more by developments in Uganda and not those in Kenya.Speaking to Daily Monitor in Kakira, Kakira Sugar Works joint managing director Mayur Madhvani blamed the production shortfall on the ongoing El Nino rains and government’s insistence on licensing “small sugar farms” to operate within the same zone as his firm.Read more
Kakira Sugar Works plans to produce Ethanol fuel 
Kakira Sugar Works Ltd., Uganda’s biggest processor of the sweetener, plans to build an ethanol plant by the end of 2016 after it spent $75 million (Shs197 billion) expanding cane-crushing and power operations over the past two years.The ethanol from the facility that will have capacity to produce 20 million liters (5.3 million gallons) annually will be distilled from 85,000 metric tons of molasses, the result of processing 2 million tons of cane, Kenneth Musinga Barungi, an assistant to the company’s general manager, said. “Directors are discussing the design, possible equipment suppliers and costs, with plans for production to start by mid-December 2015,” he said. Officials visited India and China for advice on feasibility studies, Barungi said.
Kakira and other producers currently sell molasses cheaply to distillers of a local gin. Read more
Kakira Sugar issues Shs76b bond to raise capital for expansion
Kampala- In a bid to raise cheap capital from capital markets gains momentum, Kakira Sugar Limited has announced a $30 million (about Shs75.6 billion) corporate bond on the local bourse as it moves to raise long-term capital for expansion.The sugar manufacturer recently received approvals from Capital Markets Authority for the issuance of an unsecured 10-year corporate bond valued at $30 million (about Shs75.6 billion). Read more