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Mara Group

Mara Group
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Location: 3202, Boulevard Plaza 1, Downtown Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Address:P.O. Box 27153, Dubia, United Arab Emirates

Mara Group top chief moral-boosts emerging local investors 
Ashis J. Thakkar, chief executive officer Mara Group, has advised young Uganda entrepreneurs on building good governance structures for their businesses to enable hem survive and grow. Thakkar, an astronaut in waiting, underscored that there were plenty of opportunities for individuals to do business in the private sector in Uganda.The Ugandan-born entrepreneur started Mara Group that has tentacles in businesses such as real estate, tourism, financial services, information and communications technology, renewable energy and manufacturing.He said the mindset of entrepreneurs should focus on doing good which he said will make a difference in the lives of many people. "Success needs to be measured by the lives impacted not the wealth one accumulates.”This was during the second oil and gas convention held under the theme 'suppliers roadmap to operational excellence'. The function was organized by the Uganda Chamber of Mines and Petroleum took place at Serena Hotel, Kampala. Read more 

Thakkar calls for tax policy to promote small businessesThe Ugandan and other African governments have been challenged to create tax policies which promote the growth of small businesses. The founder and chief executive officer Mara Group, Mr Ashish Thakkar, who was the keynote speaker at the Monitor Thought Leaders Forum, said this is the next thing he is working on through his role in the Global Youth Council at the World Economic Forum. “If governments can create a tax policy that can promote small businesses by coming up with a certain threshold, it will help to make the informal sector formal,” he said. Read more