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RECO Industries Limited
Tel: +256-414232183 / 312262676  | Fax: +256-414231327  |  Mobile: +256-772617714
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Address:  P.O.BOX 257 Kampala, Uganda 
Contact: Alex Kisembo Birungi, Marketing and Sales Director

Products/Services: Ready To Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF): Processed Foods:
Category/Categories: Therapeutic Foods - Supplementary Foods: Processed Foods
Unique selling point: Commitment to quality and value

RECO is an agro-based manufacturing company.

Papain production is Reco’s oldest line of production and deals in the extraction and purification of natural plant enzymes. The main enzyme extracted is papain from the carica papaya fruit. Annual production is about 20 tons per year. Reco is planning to increase the number and types of commercial natural plant enzyme extracts.

Fruits and vegetables suitable for processing are grown locally and sourced directly from farmers and farmer groups. The Reco plant processes in excess of 1000 tons of fruit and vegetables annually.  In addition, Reco produces health products from herbs, spices and papaya fruit. These health products are then standardized using modern methods including spray drying into powder form which makes the product more useable and shelf stable.  Reco is the single largest producer of high quality peanut butter in Uganda. Reco’s peanut butter is used mainly by families with young children that are looking for healthier alternatives as a spread for bread and also a sauce for cooking with meals. Production of peanut butter along with hydrolysed soy protein and honey was the first step in the process of providing ready to eat fortified foods. These three products are the foundation for Reco’s plans to produce fortified supplemental foods, to incorporate with some existing products in the “nature” brand, such as garlic extracts that are used to boost the body’s natural immunity.

Rutafa is a new product, specifically designed to cater for the nutritional sector and is a treatment for severe acute malnutrition in children and adults as well as people living with HIV/AIDS. The product is already in use and is accessed by more than 30,000 people for treatment of malnutrition. Our clients have seen the incident of death reduce from figures as high as 50% to as low as 3%.

Reco produces PET bottles, caps & preforms and foam products of very high quality.

Reco produces the highest quality foam products which comprise of mattresses and pillows. These are sold under the brand name ‘Reco Foam’. Reco are a market leader in this category and have consistently beaten all competitors on quality evaluations in the market.