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Sadolin Paints (U) Limited

Sadolin Paints (U) Limited
Tel: +256  (0414) 342070

Location: 8 Second Street, Kampala, Uganda.
Postal Address: PO Box address: PO Box 4627, Kampala, Uganda.   

Public warned of fake paint on market
Does the paint on your house washes off whenever it rains? Well, the problem could be with the genuineness of that paint you bought from your favourite hardware or paint agent. Investigations have revealed that there are several fake brands of paint that have infiltrated the market.Most quacks re-mix already produced paint, by diluting and adulterating the original content and pack jerry cans and tins of fake paint and claim that it is genuine paint from renowned genuine paint producer in the country.When asked to explain the different between the fake and real paint, Chris Nugent, the Sadolin managing director, said that all Sadolin authorized dealers have a sign outside their hardware or shops.“If the paint is cheap, it is probably fake. From my own experience, I have realized that most people who buy fake paint, know that they are buying fake paint, we label our paint carefully with our contacts, if the paint you are buying, has no seal, it is fake,” he said. Read more