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TATA Uganda Ltd

Tata Launches Prima Truck in Uganda
For Ugandan traders and transporters that have been uncertain about the safety and urgency of their merchandise from destinations like Mombasa or Dar es Salam needn't worry anymore as Tata has launched its 2011 Prima truck in Uganda. The Indian based car manufacturer has decided to take a stab at the heavy duty segment and bring the Prima trucks to Uganda to compete with the 40 tonnes segment with famous names like Volvo, Iveco, Scania and Mercedes. "Data worldwide has always had interests in long haulage transportation and has been successful in African countries like Mozambique, Kenya, and Ghana and in Asia, Sri Lanka and India. We are optimistic that the Prima trucks will not only simplify transportation but also remain economically viable to our Ugandan customers," explained Shalendra Kundra, the Executive Director, Tata Uganda. Read more