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Uganda Breweries Limited

Uganda Breweries Limited
Tel: +256 31-210011

Location: Port Bell-Kampala, 0000 Uganda
Postal Address:P.O. Box 7130 Kampala Uganda

Uganda’s oldest brewery (UBL) marks 70 years of quality brands, transforming lives
Uganda’s oldest brewery, Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL) is set to mark 70 years this July since its establishment. It is in fact among the few oldest companies in Uganda having been registered in 1946 shortly after the second World War. At its start in 1946, UBL had a capacity of producing 650,000 hectoliters which have since increased to more than 1.2 million hectolitres currently. To achieve this, the company has undertaken a number of investments in infrastructure, innovation and brand versatiity. Uganda Breweries’ product portfolio includes beers, spirits, soft beverages and ready drinks. Beers include; Bell Lager, Guiness, Tusker, Senator, Pilsner and Ngule while spirits include Uganda Waragi, Johnnie Walker, Ciroc, Bond 7 and other single malt whiskeys. The non alcoholic beverages are VandA sherry, Bailets and Alvaro.
Speaking at a media conference at the UBL plant in Portbell Luzira on Monday, the Outgoing Managing Director Nyimpinii Mabunda said the company has remains a strong contender that has shaped Uganda’s alcohol industry. He pointed out that UBL has played a significant role in transforming the society and improving people’s livelihoods. Read more
UBL: New beer brand Ngule sales exceed target
Ngule lager sales have exceeded projections within months on the market, the makers have revealed.The beer is produced by Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL) for Majestic Brands – the investment arm of the Buganda Kingdom.UBL has attributed the positive growth to the reception the beer has received in the market calling it tremendous success.While hosting the Katikkiro at the factory premises last week, Nyipindi Mabunda UBL managing director said following the directive to ensure that the beer is distributed in every corner of the kingdom, the beer has been a catastrophic success because it has proved to be a fantastic product.“With support from East Africa and the group globally, this has been the biggest success story ever and this is giving us opportunity to invest in the brand from the entire supply chain because it has made history at EABL,” he said. Read more
UBL: Buganda Kingdom, UBL partner to bottle new beer
Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL) and Buganda Kingdom, through Majestic Brands, the investment arm of the kingdom, have partnered to brew a new beer brand called Ngule. The beer is made from cassava and sorghum all of which are sourced locally from Buganda and Uganda. Ngule’s recommended retail price is Shs1,500. UBL and the kingdom have a revenue sharing agreement. Unveiling Ngule at the Enkuuka- Buganda’s party held in Lubiri, Mengo, the Katikkiro of Buganda, Mr Charles Peter Mayiga, hailed Ngule as a “job-making” and “wealth-creating” innovation by the kingdom.“Ngule beer is an innovation (obuyiiya) which is a key agenda on Buganda’s strategic plan. The creation of Ngule will significantly contribute to the kingdom’s income and create jobs for people in Buganda and elsewhere, from distributors to sellers as well as farmers in Buganda and outside Buganda that will grow the beer’s ingredients mainly cassava,” he said. Read more
Uganda Breweries: Local brewery suppliers get boost
Uganda Breweries and Citibank has unveiled a financing scheme to boost local brewery suppliers. This was during their annual Suppliers Conference meeting held in Kampala. The Citibank financing scheme will offer suppliers an option of early payment on invoices accepted and verified by UBL to enable them deliver on their obligations faster and more conveniently. This will allow suppliers to manage their cash flows better by freeing up cash to tackle other business logistics.Access to the financing scheme dubbed “Citi Supply Chain Finance”, is easy and will not require the supplier to operate an account with Citibank. The supplier will also not be required to provide collateral, or pay any form of annual facility fee. All suppliers will be required to pay a discounting fee on each invoice that they choose to discount; this fee will normally be charged at a rate lower than what the supplier is currently getting in the market. Read more
UBL ups focus on high-end market
Uganda Breweries Limited (UBL) has started a drive to lure the high-end market segment into consumption of some of its most exclusive brands.This, the brewer says, partly explains its restructuring that will see some posts rendered redundant as other people make it into the company to fill the vacant positions.According to UBL, known in Uganda for brands such as Bell, Guinness and Tusker, the latest initiative to popularise its range of expensive spirits like the Single Malt whiskies, arises from the growing middle class demands for a finer and exclusive lifestyle. Read more