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UFPEA: Govt’s failure to impose fishing regulations hurts industry
Delay by government to regulate the fish industry is not only threatening the country’s export revenues but also the livelihood of hundreds of people.Already the increasing catching of immature fish has seen six factories close shop and the remaining 12 factories are operating under capacity, something players say is killing one of the country’s leading non-traditional export earners.In an interview with Prosper magazine, the chairman Uganda Fish Processors and Exporters Association (Ufpea), Mr Phillip Borel, said: “We are losing a lot of fish revenue and close to 1. 5 million people whose lives entirely depend on fish are at risk”.He said in the previous two budgets, government through Uganda Revenue Authority, has been collecting a tax levy imposed on those involved in the exportation of fish and the sole aim was to inject this money in regulating the industry.Read more
UFPEA: Uganda challenged to tap into growing global tilapia demand
Ugandan farmers have been challenged to take advantage of the increasing global tilapia fish demand by boosting production.Latest reports from the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO Globefish) released early this month, indicate that the international tilapia trade has grown due to demand from the United States and many non-traditional emerging markets.In a recent interview with the Daily Monitor, Uganda Fish Processors and Exporters Association (UFPEA) vice chaiperson Phillip Borel said: “The global demand for tilapia is good for Ugandan farmers who should use it to their advantage by producing more fish.”Mr Borel, who is also a renown fish exporter under Green Fields (U) Ltd, said Uganda is still a small producer of farm fish but has the potential to grow. Read more