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Sebaggala M. Kigozi
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UMA: Manufacturers welcome Museveni pledge to lower power tariffs
Manufacturers have welcomed President Museveni’s promise to lower electricity tariffs to boost local production for export and create employment. While opening the 24th International Trade Show at the Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA) showground in Lugogo, Kampala, President Museveni promised to lower electricity tariffs from $11 cents to $5 cents. “Power from Nalubale Power Station is $1 cent while Bujagali Power Station is $11 cents. I negotiated with Bujagali owners when I was in New York and they have agreed to bring it down to $7 cents. But through my own tricks, I will bring it down to $5 cents,” the President said. Mr Museveni, however, warned that “this tariff is only for manufactures and maybe people in the hotel industry and not for preachers at night, Nsenene (grasshoppers) hunters and dancers in night clubs.”He didn’t set timelines on when the new tariffs would take effect. Read more
UMA urges business fraternity on non- tariff barriers 
The Uganda Manufactures Association (UMA) has called upon the business community to join hands in the fight against the non-tariff barriers to help simplify business transactions with in the community.According to Investopedia, Nontariff barriers are forms of restrictive trade where barriers to trade put in place and take a form other than a tariff. They include quotas, levies, embargoes, sanctions and other restrictions. Godfery Ssali the advocacy and business analyst at UMA says that the fight against non-tariff barriers will assist to moderate on the time and money spent by business operatives during the course of business dealings.Ssali adds that as UMA, they came up with an on online tool where every business personnel can report tariff-barriers wherever they may be and the problem is dealt with immediately. Read more
UMA: No calm in sight: The troubles hurting Uganda
“It is going to be painful,” this is what Amos Nzeyi said when asked to speak out the current state of the economy. Nzeyi is an industrialist and the chairman of Uganda Manufacturers Association. His worry is basically contained in the ever surging power tariffs, which went up by an average of 17.4 per cent. But beyond the tariffs are the stinging commercial interest rates, which have been forced through the roof by the persistent increments in the Bank of Uganda benchmark lending rates.The increments present a gloomy indicator for an economy that has already been weakened by a heavily shedding Shilling, rising inflation and contracted growth projections. Emmanuel Tumusiime-Mutebile, the Bank of Uganda (BoU) governor increased the Central Bank Rate (CBR) from 16 per cent to 17 per cent, noting that the effects were “yet to feed through completely into prices,” which indicated the worst was yet to come. Read more
UMA: Manufacturers want power tariffs reduced
Manufacturers want government to do something about the cost of power because it accounts for the highest cost of production. According to Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA) chairman Amos Nzeyi, government should consider subsidising the cost of electricity as it is the case in several countries, including India whose products are flooding the Ugandan market.Speaking at the just concluded International Trade Fair in Kampala , Mr Nzeyi said: “High cost of power tariff is a challenge. We want it subsidised because it is now impacting on our competitiveness.”He continued: “This is something that has been discussed at the highest level of government. As we wait for the grand power schemes to be commissioned, we would want to see the cost of power go down so that we are able to be competitive.” Read more
UMA wants gov't bodies to buy Ugandan-made textiles
Uganda Manufactures Association wants all government departments and ministries to buy products manufactured in Uganda especially textiles. The move will increase the production and consumption of local fabrics and growth of textile industry. The most produced textile products include school uniforms, socks, t-shirts, among others which manufactures feel should be given priority whenever government is procuring them for different departments. The call was made by the executive director UMA, Ssebagala Kigozi while visiting textile industries in Jinja who include Sigma and Sunbelt textiles limited in preparation for the forthcoming 22nd International Trade Fair organized by UMA, under the theme "Building Business Partnerships for Sustainable Markets and Competitiveness." “There is no way you can grow the local capacity in the industrial sector when you are importing everything. Ideally government departments like the Army, Prisons, and Police should buy these socks from the local textile industries because they are of quality compared to those that are imported into the country,” said Ssebaggala. Read more
UMA: Pending commercial Bills stifle manufacturing sector - players
The delay to conclude the enactment of several commercial Bills into active laws is subjecting Uganda’s manufacturing sector to unfair competition within the region.At the moment, there are a number of commercial Bills pending but the most needed are the Anti-Counterfeiting Goods Bill No.  and the Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Bill.The other bill, which manufacturers want to be enacted, is the Competition Bill and these bills are being handled by the ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives. If not passed soon possess a big threat to Uganda’s quality manufactured goods thus cripple the industrySpeaking to the Daily Monitor recently, the executive director Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA), Mr Ssengendo Ssebagala, said: “Conclusively enacting these Bills into laws will save the country’s growing manufacturing industry which has created so many jobs but also seen the country reduce on the import bill.” .Read more
Involve us in Namanve land allocation, UMA asks govt
Officials from Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA) have asked government to involve them in the allocation of land in Namanve Industrial Park to avoid being hoodwinked by fake investors who cannot develop it.They made the call while appearing before the parliamentary committee on trade and industry over the new taxes in 2014/15 budget pending Parliamentary approval.“Land is being allocated to people who are not real investors, but are carrying empty briefcases to deceive government. We should give land to potential investors who are able to develop it,” the director corporate affairs of Southern Range Nyanza Ltd, Richard Mubiru, argued on behalf of the association.The committee took exception to reports that more than 120 investors had surveyed their plots at the park that is about 14km East of Kampala city while 127 had not surveyed.“I’m shocked that land in Namanve is being allocated to those who can’t develop it,” the Lyantonde Woman MP and committee vice-chairperson, Grace Namara, said.Investment state minister Gabriel Ajedra early this year said a new criterion drawn by the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) had already been approved by Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority to start giving free land to investors. Read more
MOA: Gov’t Moves to Boost Horticulture Sector
The Minister of Agriculture, Tress Bucyanayandi, has promised to do whatever is takes to ensure that Horticulture farming is improved in Uganda. While presiding over the grand opening of the 2nd East Africa Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables Expo held at UMA grounds Lugogo on Friday, the minister appreciated the rate at which horticulture is developing in the country.The Minister of Agriculture, Tress Bucyanayandi received a token of appreciation from Mairye Estates exhibitorsas the chief organiser Job Mwesigwa (R). The Expo was held at UMA grounds LugogoWhile presiding over the grand opening of the 2nd East Africa Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables Expo held at UMA grounds Lugogo on Friday, the minister appreciated the rate at which horticulture is developing in the country. Read more
Financial services industry asked to boost risk controls
The financial services industry needs to strengthen its risk management systems and controls as they rollout innovative products to ensure business sustainability and boost customer confidence in the industry.Speaking ahead of the sixth Banking, Finance and Insurance expo slated for March 20, at the Uganda Manufacturers Association showground, RoyalWay Media chief executive officer, Mr David Sempala, said risk management has emerged as one of the new threats to the financial services sector. Therefore, it needs to create robust risk frameworks and clearly define risk appetites and reporting in order to anchor decision making.According to a Deloitte 2013 Financial Crimes Survey report, Uganda’s financial services industry loses between $1 million (Shs2.4 billion) and $10 million (Shs24.9 billion) to fraud annually, necessitating industry players to put in place robust security controls that match the innovative delivery channels being rolled out to curb fraud.The three-day Banking, Finance and Insurance Expo seeks to present a platform for public financial capabilities.Mr Sempala added: “Financial institutions may change corporate governance and take a larger leap to new innovation while their customers lag behind in technology and other financial information which results in risks, thus, the need to bridge this gap through such expos.” Read more
UMA: Manufacturers commend UPDF presence in S. Sudan
The Uganda Manufacturer’s Association (UMA) has commended the UPDF for their efforts in trying to stabilise South Sudan, saying it will protect their business interests and consumers.Traders have counted losses in billions of shillings as merchandise movement ground to a halt due to insecurity in South Sudan.Amos Nzeyi, the UMA chairman, advised traders to take advantage of the war and plant food crops that will be sold to South Sudan once the war ends. There is, however, no timeline on when the war will end.South Sudan is one of Uganda’s biggest markets for both agriculture and manufactured commodities.But this has come under serious threat because of the crisis, with analysts saying the UPDF presence has somewhat stabilised what would have been a “completely hopeless situation.”State minister for investment Gabriel Ajedra recently said Uganda has lost close to sh2b since war broke out in South Sudan between the government and rebels loyal to former vice-president, Dr. Riek Machar. Read more

UMA: Local manufactures call for a ban on imported drugs
Manufacturers of medical supplies in Uganda have asked the Government to ban the importation of supplies that serve the same purpose as those made in Uganda.“Local manufacturers have no protection. We make enough products, but we are seeing many people importing what we make,” said Abacus Pararental Drugs managing director Harish Shah.Shah was addressing members of the Uganda Manufacturer’s Association (UMA) at the Abacus premises recently.“There is no way the local manufacturer can benefit from the local market if the same product he is making is being imported into the country and is sometimes cheaper,” Shah noted. Read more
Buganda considers allocating Kigo prisons land to manufactures
Buganda Kingdom is considering allocating Kigo prisons land to Uganda Manufacturing Association (UMA) for an industrial park, the Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga has said. “The industrial sector is crucial for job creation. Buganda has enough land, in this case Kigo prison land would be suitable for an industrial park, but we will have to discuss further,” Mayiga said.The katikiro was responding to a request from manufacturers for more land to increase production for the growing demand of Ugandan commodities both local and regional market.Mayiga said that once more industries are set up in Uganda; more jobs will be created for majority of the youth who are unemployed.He made the remarks while receiving a check worth sh50m from the Uganda Manufacturer’s Association (UMA) towards the reconstruction of Kasubi tombs that were torched four years ago.UMA chairman, Amos Nzeyi, said that there is a growing demand for Ugandan commodities from neighboring countries hence the need for more land for manufacturing. Read more

UIA: Government urged to nurture local firms
The Government has been urged to nurture local companies to create a competitive and vibrant private sector.The chairman, Uganda Investment Authority (UIA), Patrick Bitature, noted that the desire for foreign manufactured goods under the guise that they are of better quality is a myth.In a move geared at building the capacity of local suppliers and manufacturers, the Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) and the Uganda Manufacturers Association have urged the Government to enact a law granting 15% preference exclusivity for any public procurement to indigenous manufacturers.PSFU has also asked the Government to implement the trade and industrial policies enacted in 2008 following the launch of the ‘Buy Ugandan, Build Uganda’ campaign launched in 2007 to promote locally produced commodities. Read more

The Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA) was established in the 1960s, at a time when Uganda was having a young but robust industrial sector. However, the political social and economic turmoil of the 1970s interrupted the smooth growth of the Association. UMA, which was dormant throughout this period, was revived in April 1988.

UMA incorporates the following six brand values in its services to members and the general public:- 
* Reliability 
* Responsiveness to members’ needs.
* Proactiveness to servicing members
* Accountability and transparency in the conduct of membership affairs.
* Effectiveness and efficiency anchored in professionalism, team work, time management innovation and practicing the concept of learning organization.
* Empathy and Assurance of membership benefits.

Uganda International Trade Fair 2012 Photos

(above) 2012 The Board Chairman and other members the board hand a cake to the Prime Minister and his Wife at a special function held during the 2012 international Trade Fair to celebrate the countries Golden Jubilee. 

UMA: South Sudan chaos sees local production fall by 60 per cent
The production level of local manufacturing firms and industries that export to South Sudan has dropped by nearly 60 per cent, Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA) has revealed.Due to the ongoing political chaos, UMA says its members who produce for the South Sudan market have been left counting losses given that the costs incurred for goods meant for export are normally planned and spent ahead of production. The manufacturers’ leadership is also concerned that should the clashes drags on, the country’s earnings out of exports, particularly for the first quarter of the year, will decline to unprecedented levels, impacting on the health of the economy. Read more

Manufacturers want ministries forced to buy Uganda goods
Manufacturers have appealed to the Government to formulate a policy that compels all government ministries and departments to buy goods made in Uganda. The move is aimed at encouraging the consumption of locally manufactured goods by Ugandans to boost the manufacturing industry in Uganda. The call was made by the Uganda Manufacturer’s Association (UMA) executive director, Ssebagala Kigozi, at a dinner for manufacturers at the UMA conference hall recently. “They should give us priority so that there is a deliberate percentage of an item to be sold to government institutions. This should allow us grow,” said Kigozi. Kigozi explained that goods bought in bulk locally provide quick capital that could be ploughed back into the business to increase efficiency and timely production of the required goods. Read more

Uganda International Trade Fair 2013

   The 21st International Trade Fair will run from 2nd October 2013-10th October 2013
   Uganda Manufacturers Association, the organizers of the Uganda International Trade Fair, with pleasure wish to invite your company / organization to participate in the above-mentioned event..
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UMA Conference 

   The Uganda Manufacturers Associations Conference Hall, Multi purpose Hall and Open Areas are available spaces that the Association has made available for public hire for all type of functions ranging from Wedding Receptions and After parties, Graduation parties, Stuff get-togethers, Anniversaries, Birthday parties, School parties and many more.
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